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Using Your Benefits.

NJ FamilyCare offers the benefits of free or low-cost healthcare coverage and peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry about unexpected healthcare bills. For higher income families with children, there is a sliding scale for copayments.

The card below, the permanent Health Benefits Identification card (HBID), is what you use to access the Fee for Service benefits that are part of every NJ FamilyCare health benefit package. This HBID card is activated or deactivated at the State depending on your eligibility. New eligibility does not necessarily mean a new card is being mailed to you. If you were enrolled in NJ FamilyCare within the past two years, a new card is not generally mailed out. The old card will be reactivated by the State.

Fee for Service means it is a benefit not covered by the Health Plan or HMO.


The other five cards below come from the Managed Care Organization or the Health Plan/HMO that you are enrolled in. A member must use that specific card to access the services that are provided by their Health Plan such as doctor, hospitalization, dental, prescriptions, etc.

Aetna Amerigroup Fidelis Care
Horizon UHC

It is important that you bring both cards any time you see your provider.

The provider will know the benefit package and how to bill for the services when both cards are presented. If you need a new HBID Card because it was lost or stolen contact 1-877-414-9251.

If you have any questions about your specific benefits, please call your Health Plan.

Downloadable Files (PDF Format)
Fact Sheet
Healthy Facts at a Glance
Immigrant Information Flyer
Non-Discrimination Statement

Other Languages

(Arabic) عربي
(Fact Sheet) بيان الحقائق
(Healthy Facts at a Glance) حقائق صحية في لمحة
(Immigrant Information Flyer) نشرة معلومات المهاجرين
(Non-Discrimination Statement) بيان عدم التمييز

বাংলা (Bengali)
তথ্য শিট (Fact Sheet)
এক নজরে স্বাস্থ্য সহায়ক তথ্য (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
অভিবাসীদের তথ্য সম্বলিত প্রচারপত্র (Immigrant Information Flyer)
বৈষম্যহীনতার বিবৃতি (Non-Discrimination Statement)

中文 (Chinese)
情况介绍 (Fact Sheet)
健康知识一览表 (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
移民信息传单 (Immigrant Information Flyer)
不歧视声明 (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Kreyòl (Creole)
Fich enfòmasyon (Fact Sheet)
Koudèy sou done sou sante (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Sikilè enfòmasyon pou imigran (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Deklarasyon sou non-diskriminasyon (Non-Discrimination Statement)

(Dari) دری
(Fact Sheet) برگه معلوماتی
(Healthy Facts at a Glance) حقایق صحی در یک نگاه
(Immigrant Information Flyer) بروشور معلوماتی مهاجرین
(Non-Discrimination Statement) بیانیه عدم تبعیض

Français (French)
Fiche d’information (Fact Sheet)
Informations sur la santé : bref aperçu (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Dépliant d’information à destination des immigrants (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Déclaration de non-discrimination (Non-Discrimination Statement)

ગુજરાતી (Gujarati)
ફેક્ટ શીટ (Fact Sheet)
સ્વાસ્થ્યપ્રદ તથ્યો પર એક નજર (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
ઇમિગ્રન્ટ માહિતીનું ફ્લાયર (Immigrant Information Flyer)
બિન-ભેદભાવ અંગે નિવેદન (Non-Discrimination Statement)

हिन्दी (Hindi)
तथ्य पत्रक (Fact Sheet)
स्वास्थ्य संबंधी तथ्य एक नज़र में (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
आप्रवासी सूचना फ़्लायर (Immigrant Information Flyer)
गैर-भेदभाव कथन (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Italiano (Italian)
Foglio informativo (Fact Sheet)
La salute a portata di tutti (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Informazioni per gli immigrati (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Dichiarazione di non discriminazione (Non-Discrimination Statement)

日本語 (Japanese)
ファクトシート (Fact Sheet)
一目でわかる健康情報 (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
移住者情報 (Immigrant Information Flyer)
差別のない発言 (Non-Discrimination Statement)

한국어 (Korean)
정보 개요 (Fact Sheet)
건강 정보 개요 (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
이민자 정보 안내 (Immigrant Information Flyer)
비차별 고지 (Non-Discrimination Statement)

(Pashto) پښتو
(Fact Sheet) معلوماتي پاڼه
(Healthy Facts at a Glance) په سالم حقیقتونو یو نظر
(Immigrant Information Flyer) د کډوالو معلوماتي کتابګوټی
(Non-Discrimination Statement) د بې توپیرۍ بیان

Polski (Polish)
Arkusz faktów (Fact Sheet)
Przegląd faktów zdrowotnych (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Ulotka informacyjna dla imigrantów (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Oświadczenie o niedyskryminacji (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Português (Portuguese)
Folheto informativo (Fact Sheet)
Fatos rápidos sobre saúde (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Folheto de informações para imigrantes (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Declaração de não-discriminação (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Русский (Russian)
Информационная справка (Fact Sheet)
Данные о здоровье - быстрый обзор (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Информационный листок для иммигрантов (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Заявление о запрете дискриминации (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Español (Spanish)
Hoja informativa (Fact Sheet)
Resumen de datos sobre la salud (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Folleto informativo para inmigrantes (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Declaración de no discriminación (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Tagalog (Tagalog)
Fact Sheet
Isang Sulyap sa Mga Katotohanan Hinggil sa Kalusugan (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Polyeto ng Impormasyon para sa Imigrante (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Pahayag Ukol sa Kawalan ng Diskriminasyon (Non-Discrimination Statement)

Türkçe (Turkish)
Bilgi Sayfası (Fact Sheet)
Bir Bakışta Sağlıklı Bilgiler (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Göçmen Bilgi Broşürü (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Ayrımcılık Yapmama Beyanı (Non-Discrimination Statement)

(Urdu) اردو
(Fact Sheet) حقائق نامہ
(Healthy Facts at a Glance) ایک جھلک میں صحت بخش حقائق
(Immigrant Information Flyer) امیگرینٹ کا معلوماتی فلائیر
(Non-Discrimination Statement) عدم امتیاز کا بیان

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)
Tờ Thông Tin (Fact Sheet)
Sơ lược các sự kiện về sức khỏe (Healthy Facts at a Glance)
Tờ rơi thông tin người nhập cư (Immigrant Information Flyer)
Tuyên bố không phân biệt đối xử (Non-Discrimination Statement)


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